CPL(H) & ATPL(H) Theory

Theoretical Training by Distance Learning

Distance and Classroom-Based Theoretical Training

The theory for CPL(H) or ATPL(H) is covered through a combination of Web-Based Training and in-person classes in partnership with Helicopter Groundschool.

The blend of distance learning and on-site instruction offers a unique flexibility. Your individual learning style will be considered. With Helicopter Groundschool and us as your flight school, you always have competent support at your disposal.

Weekly progress tests guide you through the topics and provide continuous feedback on your knowledge and learning patterns. During the classes, you can review and deepen previously learned material.

We offer personalized guidance and collaborative planning for your learning phase. Would you prefer to study alone or as part of a team? We are here to assist and advise you.

The subjects of the distance learning program are divided into three modules, each followed by an in-person course shortly before the exams. The aim of these intensive in class teaching days with our collaborative ATO Helicopter Groundschool is to enhance the acquired knowledge and comprehensively prepare for the exams.

Bell 206 JetRanger

The Modules

The theoretical education in distance learning is devided into the following three modules.

Module 1
Airframe and Systems
Mass and Balance
Operational Procedures
Principles of Flight
Module 2
Human Performance
Module 3
General Navigation
Radio Navigation
Flight Planning and Monitoring
Air Law
KSA 100

The Process

  • PPL(H)

  • Theory

    You complete the required three modules at our cooperating ATO.



  • Collecting Hours


    The commercial pilot course requires 155 flight hours. These can be built up during the theoretical training if not already completed.

  • Examination

    You have completed each of the three modules and take your examinations at the Luftfahrtbundesamt or Austro Control.



  • Done!

    You have passed the theory part!

Duration and Scope

The CPL/ATPL theory course, as part of the modular path to become a professional pilot, lasts approximately nine to twelve months and includes both distance learning and in-person lessons. During this time, you can build up your flight experience.

For the EASA ATPL, thirteen exams as well as the KSA 100 must be passed.

All exams must be completed within 18 months after the first exam. In total, you have 6 sessions to complete all exams. Within these 6 sessions, you have no more than 4 attempts per subject.


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