Become a Helicopter Pilot

Your Way to the Private Pilot License for Helicopters

Training to become a Private Pilot for Helicopters PPL(H)

With a PPL(H) license, you are free and independent. You can take off for a helicopter flight at any time, either with your own helicopter or a chartered one.

To do so, it is essential that you feel confident in the cockpit and are prepared for any situation. In our training to become a Private Pilot for Helicopters, we provide you with the necessary confidence and expertise. Being located at Mönchengladbach Airport (Germany), you will also learn the procedures and regulations of a larger commercial airport right from the beginning – an advantage that training at a small airfield cannot offer.

The training for becoming a private helicopter pilot (PPL-H) according to current guidelines includes a minimum of 45 hours of practical flight and 100 hours of theoretical instruction.

Customized Training Instead of Off-The-Shelf Training

While offering comprehensive pilot training, we prioritize making everything as pleasant as possible for you. We understand that many helicopter flight students are successful managers or entrepreneurs. Therefore, we work together with you to organize your training to fit your schedule – both for the practical and theoretical parts.

We are also happy to guide you on the path to becoming a Commercial Pilot for Helicopters CPL(H). The PPL(H) serves as the foundation for the training to become a commercial pilot.

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Training Content of the PPL(H)

Theoretical Training

The theoretical part of the training consists of a minimum of 100 instructional hours. You can schedule the class sessions individually with us. For example, it’s possible to spread the 100 hours over a few weekends.

The following topics will be thoroughly covered during the theoretical instruction: Air law, flight planning and flight performance, human performance, operational procedures, technology, meteorology, navigation, aerodynamics.

Practical Training

In the practical part of the helicopter pilot training, you will also benefit from our flexibility. Each session can be individually scheduled with us.

For practical training, a minimum of 45 flight hours is required. Out of these, at least 25 hours must be completed with a flight instructor, and 10 hours must be flown solo.

The Process

  • Theory


    The theoretical part comprises 100 instructional hours – divided into in classes teaching and Web-Based Training (WBT). The schedules can be arranged flexibly and individually with us.

  • Practice

    You can also schedule the practical part of the training flexibly with us. A minimum of 35 flight hours accompanied by flight instructors is required.



  • Theory Examination


    You take the theoretical exam at the responsible national aviation authority.

  • Solo Flights

    After successfully passing the theoretical exam, you complete the required 10 hours of cross-country solo flights.


    Solo Flights

  • Practical Examination


    You have fulfilled the required number of flight hours and feel confident. A examiner FE(H) conducts the practical exam.

  • Done!

    After passing the exam successfully, you will receive the PPL(H). You are allowed to fly helicopters as the responsible pilot or co-pilot in the non-commercial sector!


General Requirements

To officially undergo training to become a helicopter pilot, you need to fulfill a few criteria.

  • The minimum age at the start of training is 16 years, and the license is issued from the age of 17 years
  • Class 2 Medical Certificate
  • Reliability check (Zuverlässigkeitsüberprüfung) according to §7 LuftSiG (German Aviation Security Act)
Student pilot in an R44


The cost for training for the PPL(H) is approximately 25,000 – 30,000 euros.

For holders of a PPL(A)/(AS) or LAPL(A)/(H)/(S) license, the price for the PPL(H) is around 23,000 – 27,000 euros.

In a personal consultation, we will create a tailored offer for you.

Guimbal Cabri G2 in the sky

Benefits for Holders of Other Licenses

For holders of a PPL(A)/(AS) or LAPL(A)/(H)/(S) type license, there are several benefits when acquiring the PPL(H). The scope and duration of the training can be significantly reduced through an application to the Federal Aviation Office (Luftfahrtbundesamt).

In the theoretical part, it usually suffices to refresh previously learned topics and learn helicopter-specific subjects.

Even in the practical training to become a helicopter pilot, you will benefit from your existing license. According to current regulations, up to 6 flight hours can be credited towards practical training. If you possess the LAPL(H) license, it is also possible to further reduce the required hours.

Experience an entirely new sense of flight and gain independence from runways!


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