Type Ratings

Type Ratings

Once you have obtained your PPL(H) license, you are permitted to fly the helicopter type on which your training was completed. This helicopter type will be endorsed on your license by the issuing authority.

If you wish to fly another helicopter type, a type-specific training (Type Rating) is required. This additional training is tailored to the new aircraft. Emergency procedures, technical aspects and flight characteristics are initially learned through theoretical instruction and later in practical training. Following this, a practical examination is conducted by a certified examiner.

The theoretical elements covered in the basic training are not addressed in the Type Rating.

The prerequisite for an “SEP” or “SET” rating is a valid PPL(H) or CPL(H) with a minimum of 5 hours of flight time.

Type Ratings Offered by Heli NRW

Heli NRW offers the following type ratings:

  • Guimbal Cabri G2
    Single Engine Piston, “SEP”
  • Sikorsky/Schweizer S300/HU269
    Single Engine Piston, “SEP”
  • Robinson R44
    Single Engine Piston, “SEP”
  • Bell 206
    Single Engine Turbine, “SET”
  • Airbus AS 350 
    Single Engine Turbine, “SET”
  • Airbus EC120
    Single Engine Turbine, “SET”
  • Bell 505
    Single Engine Turbine, “SET”
  • Robinson R66
    Single Engine Turbine, “SET”

Training Content for Type Rating


The theoretical component of a Type Rating covers the following subjects:

  • Airframe, Rotor, Systems, Normal Operation of Systems, and Abnormal Operations
  • Operating Limits
  • Flight Performance, Flight Planning, and Monitoring
  • Loading, Center of Gravity and Preparation
  • Emergency Procedure


In the practical part of a type rating, a certain number of flight hours on the desired aircraft type are required. For “SEP” and “SET” ratings, this is a minimum of 5 hours, and for “MET” rating, a minimum of 8 hours.

The practical training includes familiarization flights involving normal procedures, emergency procedures, and instrument orientation.

Course Flow for Acquiring a Type Rating:
Theory Training→ Final Test → Cockpit Training → Flight Training → Practical Examination

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