Advanced Pilot Training

Get more from your private pilot license PPL(H).

By obtaining your helicopter pilot’s license, you’ve taken a significant step towards freedom and independence. But as they say, “The sky is the limit!” With us, you expand your knowledge, skills and ratings. Our advanced training courses are just as individually tailored to your needs as our PPL(H) private pilot training.

R44 by night

Night Flight Training (NVFR) – Greater Temporal Freedom

A helicopter flight at night is even more fascinating than during the day. Illuminated cities and roads combined with the darkness of the sky hold a special charm. To allow you to savor this charm at any time and with complete independence, this advanced training covers everything you need to fly safely at night. This will also make you more time-independent, a significant advantage especially during the dark winter months.

Highway from the helicopter

CVFR Training – Airspace Freedom

If you hold an older PPL(H) license according to ICAO standards and wish to convert it to the more recent and higher-value EASA license, you’ll need CVFR training. This CVFR authorization grants you access to airspace Charlie, further enhancing your independence. During this training, you’ll acquire skills in visual flight radio navigation, radar and ILS approaches, and much more.

View from a helicopter cockpit

Pinch–Hitter–Course – The Co-Pilot’s Life Insurance

A helicopter is typically operated by just one pilot. In almost all cases, this is entirely sufficient. However, in rare cases like a medical emergency, even with regular checks, it might be needed to land the helicopter safely. This is what you will learn in this course. And if you happen to discover your passion for helicopter flying during this process, these hours can be credited towards your training to become a private pilot.

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