Helicopter Service

Save valuable time with our helicopter service.

You don’t like to be squeezed into timetables or flight schedules? Your time is too valuable to stand in traffic jams? Your schedule is full and you have to travel long distances? Fly away from the traffic jam by helicopter!

VIP Charter Flights – Your Personal Helicopter

With our VIP charter flights you can manage your workload even at peak times. For a fixed time, a helicopter including pilot is at your free disposal. This allows you to reach your destination quickly and flexibly – independent of runways and airports.

Shuttle Service – Quickly From a to B

You need to get to a remote location quickly. With the shuttle service we bring you directly to your destination – fast and without traffic jams.

Express Service – Getting Your Shipment to Its Destination Quickly and Directly

Do you have an urgent shipment that is desperately awaited by the recipient? A vehicle courier would take too long or the risk of a traffic jam would be too great. With our express service we bring your shipment even to remote places. Quickly and safely.

Passengers in a helicopter

Individual Consultation

Because you are not an average person, helicopter service is not a standard product.

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